CASATI Art Gallery proposes artworks of the Masters of the XX century
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CASATI Arte Contemporanea was founded in 2008 by Luca Manganiello.

During the first period the gallery was focused on post-war Italian Art, continuing the legacy of Luca’s father, an art dealer for more than forty years.

In 2014 CASATI Arte Contemporanea started to work with a closer look to the contemporary art world.

The gallery offers a wide range of artists as a result of an intense research either in Italy and abroad. Urban and street art as well as the related issues are considered preeminent in the selection criteria as a tribute to the complexity of contemporary world.

Painters and sculptors enjoy the biggest freedom of expression in terms of language and technique.

The gallery is committed to exhibiting and promoting contemporary art in all its forms. CASATI Arte Contemporanea is characterized by the willingness to create high-standard and long-term projects often in collaboration with specialists in the field, such as external curators, researchers and artists’ archives.

CASATI Arte Contemporanea is a dynamic organization that creates solo and group shows and publishes art catalogues.

The Team

Luca Manganiello


Stefania Fossati


Francesca Longoni

Gallery Assistant

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