GIANFRANCO ASVERI - "And His Little Animals" - CASATI Arte Contemporanea
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GIANFRANCO ASVERI – “And His Little Animals”

21st March – 27th April 2019
ZZHK Gallery
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Opening: 21st March 2019 | 6.00 p.m.



ZZHK Gallery is pleased to present “Gianfranco Asveri: And His Little Animals”, an exhibition of new work by Italian artist Gianfranco Asveri. The exhibition is presented in collaboration with CASATI Arte Contemporanea.

Gianfranco Asveri: And His Little Animals, the artist’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, is comprised of 15 new painting created especially for the show, in which he presents his beloved subject of little animals.

Lee du Ploy : “I met Gianfranco Asveri 27 years ago… Initially when seeing Asveri’s works they seem humorous and light, this is only so because of the subject. Texture which is intrinsic to our psyche is the nature to convert a simple message with clarity and direction to meaning, it conveys the message with attitude and as we all know attitude correctly manifested creates great painting. In order to do this with confidence you need to be dedicated to the extreme, and to make your art your life. This is what Asveri has achieved.”