GIANFRANCO ASVERI - "Memorie dal soprassuolo" PARTE II - CASATI Arte Contemporanea
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GIANFRANCO ASVERI – “Memorie dal soprassuolo” Parte II

GIANFRANCO ASVERI – “Memorie dal soprassuolo” Parte II

7th September – 3oth September 2018
Palazzo Comunale di Busalla
Piazza Enrico Macciò, 1


Curator of the exhibition: Claudio Castellini e Luciano Caprile
Critical text: Luciano Caprile



The Palazzo Comunale di Busalla (Genova) will host the exhibition “Memorie dal soprassuoloPARTE II dedicated to Gianfranco Asveri and curated by Claudio Castellini. The Solo Show includes thirty artworks that point out the extraordinary creativity of the artist.

The critical text, by Luciano Caprile, highlights the strong bond between the hills of Gasperini (where Asveri lives in the company of his dogs) and his painting. The artist’s love for his land is the starting point for his art: his instinctive way of painting originates from the observation of reality.